A full service tech agency, focused on video, digital and cultural behavior.
We create engaging ecosystems that help brands to interact with target audiences through social media. Using culture we aim to create progress in the world.

Challenger brands get us excited. We do social listening to understand what communities
have to say. Maximizing ideas, concepts, influencers, and brand processes to amplify
the campaign message in all networks.

Core offerings


We crunch what’s happening now with people, culture, platforms and technology and convert it into fuel for creative courage.


Our team of creators push the boundaries of what is possible by defining what is next.We are fully integrated and highly efficient.


Creating influence is about authenticity. We create authentic collaborations with those who have built their audiences on the internet and connect with them on behalf of our brands.


Our approach to innovation is simple. We don’t innovate for the sake of being different, we innovate to disrupt the category and go on the offense.